Our Projects

We are passionate about capacity building to equip paraecologists with the skills to generate critical ecological information for science and ecological forensic data to protect their ecosystems under the law. We also work with artists and filmmakers to communicate the emerging paradigm of ‘Rights of Nature’ – ethnographic artwork aims to relay a story and contextual interviews explain the importance of Rights of Nature. Our research work shines a spotlight on biodiversity hotspots, endemic species and communities under threat and we establish and develop projects where there is an urgent need for paraecologists for the Rights of Nature!


Research in Action

Research focuses on mapping threats to the 'Rights of Nature', defining key ecological information required by legislative practitioners to support rights of Nature cases, and enabling marginalised groups to effectively protect their ecosystems.



We aim to understand and explore the emerging rights of Nature movement through both science and art and highlight our work to empower communities in protecting ecosystems - see our short film exploring the emergence of the Rights of Nature in Ecuador, it's impact and the role of ecoforensic paraecologists. Collaboration


Capacity Building

Our paraecologist courses, and long-term support, enable our partners to establish standardised data collection approaches to best mange ecosystems and protect them under environmental, and rights of Nature, legislation.

Get Involved Today

Ecoforensic is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Every penny we raise goes directly into our efforts towards improving access to forensic ecological data and defending the rights of Nature around the world.

If you’re a community organisation, protected area, an academic, legal institution or a specialist in ecology and interested in supporting the efforts of paraecologists for the ‘Rights of Nature’, or want to know how you can become one and start contributing data, click below to find out more.