We aim to understand and explore the emerging rights of Nature movement through both science and art and highlight our work to empower communities in protecting ecosystems – see our short film exploring the emergence of the Rights of Nature in Ecuador, it’s impact and the role of ecoforensic paraecologists.

Collaboration with Voces del Bosque

‘We work in collaboration with Ecoforensic  in order to strengthen the current mechanisms for the defense of the Rights of Nature through a collaborative network of people working around it (scientists, indigenous people, peasants, artists, lawyers and NGOs) in Ecuador; as well as the formation of a group of Paraecologists.

Our work focuses on providing high-quality audiovisual material and content for the dissemination of the Rights of Nature within the framework of the Constitution of Ecuador. The method we use is based on interdisciplinary ethnographic research and audiovisual arts. We put emphasis on giving emotion and reflection to our pieces so that they have a greater impact.

The first product generated is a series of illustrations (designed by Sozapato) and a documentary (created by Gustavo Chiriboga and produced by Paola Moscoso) that reveal the practical ways in which the laws present in the Constitution act. It also delves into the origin, status and future vision of this mechanism for the protection of Nature in Ecuador.’

Film by our media partners ‘Voces del Bosque

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Ecoforensic is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Every penny we raise goes directly into our efforts towards improving access to forensic ecological data and defending the rights of Nature around the world.

If you’re a community organisation, protected area, an academic, legal institution or a specialist in ecology and interested in supporting the efforts of paraecologists for the ‘Rights of Nature’, or want to know how you can become one and start contributing data, click below to find out more.