Defending Rights

of Nature

Defending Rights of Nature

We empower paraecologists to collect vital ecological information and help protect ecosystems under emerging rights of Nature legislation. We are passionate about building resilience for protected areas, community reserves and indigenous territories in face of increasing risk of exploitation

Our mission: To defend the rights of nature

A harmonious relationship with Nature is urgently needed in face of the climate and biodiversity crises. Legal actions supported by scientific ecological evidence are emerging as an effective option to counter threats to the natural environment. Ecoforensic provides this vital ecological information to protect ecosystems under existing environmental laws and emerging ‘Rights of Nature’ legislation.

Latin America is currently leading the way with legislation supporting Rights of Nature incorporated into legal systems. In December 2021 Ecuador’s Constitutional Court set a global legal precedent by using ‘Rights of Nature’ to protect one of the most biologically diverse habitats in the world, against large-scale mining. Our scientific evidence contributed to the ruling, highlighting the urgent need for and importance of ecological information in supporting local conservation action. Our short film summarises the history of the Rights of Nature, it’s impact and our work to empower communities and ecosystems.

Our Values

Our responsibilities in a shared world

Shared Resources

Shared Resources

We believe humans are responsible for ensuring resources are protected for our natural world.

Ecological Health

Ecological Health

‘Rights of Nature’ recognises our responsibility to avoid species extinction and ensure heathy, functioning ecosystems.

Education and Transparency


Knowledge exchange and empowerment through education is the most powerful way to foster ecological consciousness.

Positive Intervention

Positive Intervention

Identifying opportunities to improve Nature is as important as defending against impact.

Get Involved Today

Ecoforensic is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Every penny we raise goes directly into our efforts towards improving access to forensic ecological data and defending the rights of Nature around the world.

If you’re a community organisation, protected area, an academic, legal institution or a specialist in ecology and interested in supporting the efforts of paraecologists for the ‘Rights of Nature’, or want to know how you can become one and start contributing data, click below to find out more.