Our Services – Making a Difference

We build capacity of civic scientists, reserve custodians and indigenous communities to gather scientific evidence, harnessing the power of knowledge to defend the rights of Nature.

Project Development

Our focus is on collecting rigorous ecological information on ecosystem status and threats. We work collaboratively to co-design rapid and long-term ecological forensic monitoring programs. Our approach is inclusive allowing the network to grow organically and collectively we remain dedicated on ecological information important to defend Nature.

Paraecologist Empowerment

Paraecologists, the ‘paramedics of the climate and biodiversity emergencies’, address local sustainability challenges. We equip them to independently collect information to address immediate threats and carry out long term monitoring for effective ecosystem management. Guided by our network of experts we ensure high quality data is collected for research and legislative purposes.

Information Consolidation

Biodiversity monitoring generates a huge amount of raw data such as audio/video files, geographical information and much more. Managing this complicated data is challenging at grassroots level. We provide trusted ecological data management solutions that remove obstacles in collection and consolidation, ensuring information is protected, accessible and available for analysis.


Our expert ecological analysts can support our partners to understand the effectiveness of ecosystem management plans, help prepare reports for funders and provide ecological information important in legislative process, including ‘amicus curiae’. Our network of expert court witnesses are available to undertake assessments and represent Nature in court.

Get Involved Today

Ecoforensic is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Every penny we raise goes directly into our efforts towards improving access to forensic ecological data and defending the rights of Nature around the world.

If you’re a community organisation, protected area, an academic, legal institution or a specialist in ecology and interested in supporting the efforts of paraecologists for the ‘Rights of Nature’, or want to know how you can become one and start contributing data, click below to find out more.