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Community members, grassroots activists, scientists, academics, conservationists and environmental legislators to fight for ecological justice. Learning from the frontline. We run projects around the world, wherever trusted forensic ecological data is needed. We are Nature defending itself.

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Hola estimados muy feliz de haber sido parte del taller paraecologo y poder adquirir mas conocimiento sobre los derechos de la naturaleza ya que con esos conocimientos podemos hacer saber a las personas para que protegemos la biodivercidad de nuestro planeta sabiendo que los bosuqes que tenemos son los pulmones de la tierra  el taller me iso refleccionar mas sobre lo que estamos asiendo como guardianes de la selva y me fortaleció para seguir con mas amor y fuerza protegiendolo y redescubriendo las especies de toda la fauna silvestre….

Santiago R., Fundación Ecominga Red de Protección de Bosques Amenazados

En todos esos años que no conocía la belleza de la naturaleza, me perdí  de lo mejor ya que hace poco aprendí  hasta los últimos detalles de lo hermoso  y cosas maravillosas que existen en ella

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Limits of Nature

“It is important for the world to reflect on the limits of nature and to seriously question the effectiveness of current conservation policies and actions. Policy frameworks that place humans in context as a part of nature, integrated into a system that balances intrinsic rights between legitimate subjects of the law, rather than placing humans as above, or apart from, nature, will be a necessary part of addressing the serious environmental issues that our planet is facing. This ruling is as important to nature as Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man were to our own species.

The paraecologist network for the Rights of Nature, dedicated to reducing the impacts of climate change through ecosystem conservation, will play a major role in minimising land use change contributions to atmospheric carbon and biodiversity conservation in face of the dual existential crises”

Mika Peck
Mika Peck
Professor of Conservation Ecology
Founder, Ecoforensic CIC

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Ecoforensic is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC). Every penny we raise goes directly into our efforts towards improving access to forensic ecological data and defending the rights of Nature around the world.

If you’re a community organisation, protected area, an academic, legal institution or a specialist in ecology and interested in supporting the efforts of paraecologists for the ‘Rights of Nature’, or want to know how you can become one and start contributing data, click below to find out more.