Rights of Nature: Empowering Justice

The recognition of rights is an evolutionary process, often hard won through social struggle. In the age of the biodiversity and climate crises we are seeing the emergence of the ‘Rights of Nature’ – with Nature as a subject, rather than an object, under the Law, radically changing the way we relate to the natural world. In 2008 Ecuador led the way by recognised the ‘Rights of Nature’ within its constitution, empowering people to represent and defend megadiverse ecosystems under the law. Legislative changes in Ecuador and other parts of the world have opened the doors and mindsets to an eco-centric way of thinking, where humans cease to be the owner of Nature and are recognised instead as a member species belonging to an ecosystem. A philosophy and practice that has been true in many Indigenous communities is finally being considered in law for us all.

The complex translation of rights of Nature into law is beautifully illustrated through the artwork of Sozapato – explore more below.

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